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This is for the massage, facial wax, and facial update.

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The massage was perfect. Minha listened to my needs. It was a perfect pressure and she didn't miss a spot. I especially loved the neck massage, but I enjoyed every minute of it.

The side burn wax was nothing I ever had before. There wasn't any post redness, which I get 100% of the time! The wax was freshly melted. I paid $12 for this. The other place I used to go to charges me $10 for some low quality wax that's been sitting there for God knows how long! To top it off, my skin would get irritated right away and with bumps all week long. Thank goodness for Minha and her quality work, I can now get my waxing regularly. By the way, Minha uses a hard wax, not what I'm used to, but it is better than the strip wax.

Also, a little side note. I've gone to Minha twice for a facial. I have acne and eczema, but they are slowly disappearing. In fact, she saw me today and she thought I was wearing makeup. She was so amazed to find out I was not. This is exactly my goal for getting these facials is to minimize using make up.

Thanks a million, Minha!

From: Malou M. / Yelp User

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