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Bottom line is that I recommend Minh Ha for facial!

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I found Minh Ha on Yelp about a year ago and decided to give it a try because of the good reviews here. I have been coming back regularly so it should say something.

I come here for facial. When I started, my skin still had some acne and dark spots and not good skin texture. Minh Ha examined and skin and decided on the treatment that is targeting the problems my skin had. Over the time, my skin has gotten better with almost no acne. The skin texture becomes smoother, brighter with smaller pores. A lot of people have noticed and complimented on my skin. I am happy with the results. And this is why I keep coming back to her. Everybody's skin is different so you may need different types of treatment. But for me, the treatment I received here worked well with my skin.

For the service, I like that Minh Ha is very clear about her treatment. She takes time to explain what she's doing and why. She informs you every step she applies something on your skin. This is what I found lacking at some other places that I've been to. She also doesn't go cheap with her products which makes total sense to me. If you want clients to come back, you have to do everything right and allow the results to show. Trying to save some products and ending up losing clients wont be a smart thing to do.

Bottom line is that I recommend Minh Ha for facial!

From: DanThu D. / Yelp User

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