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Awesome service, and BioActive Peel works, face is clear!

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I have been going to Minh Ha for over four years for eyebrow/leg waxing, facial (with exfoliation, anti aging and BioActive Peel) and hot stone massage. It took me so long to post a review but that’s because I want to sure Minh Ha is the real deal… and she is!

She has always been very professional, letting you know what to expect before she does the treatment. For example: ensuring that the wax won’t give me any bad reaction, she will ask me several questions. Her waxing is quick and not painful at all!

She is very patient in treating my acne and coach me in how to take care of myself at home, especially when i am on business trips and can’t meet with her for a while. I always return to see Minh Ha as soon as i come back. I had medium to terrible acne and now it is in control… but recently, it has even almost disappear! How?

This is how: Minh Ha just added in her facial a BioActive Peel treatment. It “burns” all kind of infection caused by your acne or any other bacteria and in less than a week, your skin heals and it is smoother, whiter and healthier than ever before. The “burn” is very mild (barely noticeable) and the treatment does not live any scar at all. Don’t be afraid. Let Minh Ha does her job. She knows what she is doing. Moreover she gave me a home care kit for free to take home (current promotion).

All the things she say is just for your own good. I can’t hide from her when I am not taking care of myself. It shows on the face.

Finally, Minh Ha uses expensive and well known products not like other salon. You see her opening the seal of the product bottles (when she is out of course) while other spas might have refill with some cheaper product in brand name bottles. As always, treatments are done in multiple sessions in a certain recommended time in order to see any improvement (and not just a skin improvement but so that the skin can stay beautiful and glow).

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