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Treatment is working, skin is glowing, facial hair remove and great stone massage

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I have been going to Minh Ha for the past 2 years now and have gotten my eyebrows waxed and shaped (they looked fabulous afterward!), bikini wax, & anti aging facial.

I just love the anti aging facial! I first went to Minh Ha after hearing very positive feedback from my best friend who has been her regular client for several years. She convinced me that Minh Ha does an excellent and painless bikini wax because she uses great products. I definitely can confirm this. She is also a true believer in her anti aging facial so I had to find out for myself. I am very skeptical about getting a facial after several unsatisfying past experiences and since I’ve gone to some really fantastic aestheticians before, I have very high expectations.

Minh Ha is very sweet and kind and it is so obvious that she truly care about her clients and strives to make them happy. She uses excellent products such as Dermalogica & Yonka. She has a lot of experience and previously worked at a very expensive luxury spa before she decided to open her own business. She has created a very relaxing environment and makes you forget where you are as she does the treatments. She uses a steamer, aromatherapy, ultra sonic waves, combined with her expertise and caring personal touch. She customizes the facials and she is very passionate about what she does. My problem area is hyper pigmentation and she gets very excited when she sees an improvement in my skin. I leave the treatment with brighter, glowing, skin and a feeling of total relaxation since she ends the facial with a hot stone massage that is utterly marvelous! I highly recommend her services!

This post was submitted by Denali M.

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