Spa by Minh Ha

Body Treatment

Body Sculpting Treatment - $85/60min per 1 session.

To combat unwanted fat cells in the body & aging skin, this body sculpting treatment will help reduce the cellulite dimples and eliminate the fluid waste. You will lose AT LEAST 1 inch just after first treatment! Muscles will appear toned and the skin tightened. You may choose the specific areas to target when you book your appointment. Sessions are tummy, thighs, upper legs, lower legs, arms or desired areas. How many treatments needed depends on the client’s size. This treatment can help you reduce the inches but not the weight.

Body Polish & Refreshing Massage - $75/60min OR $90/75min

This treatment is a full body polish with Gommage Corps, combined with a Swedish relaxing massage to refresh the entire body to the mind, leaving your skin bright and smooth while improving cellular respiration.



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